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I’ve spent the last four hours or so shaking and crying as I tried to catch up with the news and my riveting twitter feed.  Wendy David is my new hero. Seriously, that woman gets all the respect and admiration and she deserves it for being a complete badass. So glad that there are people like this in American government. Now we need to keep getting more people like this in our political sphere.

Our (American) voices are best heard by VOTING (I'm never going to shut up about that one). It's going to be even more difficult to get the vote out with the new SCOTUS ruling so we have to get out there and fight even harder. Ms. Davis and her colleagues serve as a wonderful example of determination and dedication in public service.

But right now, all my thoughts are with the US Supreme Court and the decisions that will likely be handed down, in a few scant hours, on two marriage equality cases.

I remember how disappointed I was when DOMA was signed into law; back then I had no idea what a truly vile piece of law it is.  It has caused incredible hardships to thousands of gay and lesbians families throughout the country. It is something that significantly affects my lovely fiancée and I.

As of right now, if DOMA is upheld, Misha and I will have little opportunity to move back to the States. I wouldn’t be able to sponsor her for a spousal visa so our options are the unlikely work sponsorship, to remain in Europe or for me to return home alone.  It doesn’t matter that in 24 days (omg!!), Misha and I will be legally wed in Massachusetts. DOMA means that there is no federal protection or benefits. There are 1000’s rights, protections and benefits that we would be denied.

I sit here, sick to my stomach and shaking as I wait for my rights to be decided. It’s ludicrous that we’re even in this position. But the fact is, we do. And so, I’m trying to remain positive. It is my hope that DOMA will finally be laid to rest….that it can become a piece of history which future generations will shake their heads over. God, I hope our future generations live in a kinder, more just world than ours.

It is my hope that the time, energy and effort spent on fighting DOMA and Prop 8 will come to fruition.  It would be the end of a long and ugly era in the States.  I proud that I have been able to contribute and so very grateful to those who have stood alongside (or far, far ahead of me) fighting the good fight. It would be amazing if Misha's and my marriage could be legally recognized by my government.

Today, like many of us, I’ll be glued to the live feed of the Supreme Court decisions. And all I can think is please, please, please.
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