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To answer the question from my last post, no, this day isn't ever going to end. I left work around 5:30, talked to the girl for a bit, ate a slice of bbq chicken pizza and was back to work by 7:30. Think I have a long night ahead of me. Either that or I work more than planned this weekend. Neither seems appealing. :(

However, I did just have a rather amusing conversation with a mate (though, please note, good sir, that it wasn't the conversation i intended to have with you). And, i have good music playing. Also, the rumour that my bloody mary mix actually has vodka in it might be true (unlike most mornings when i can be seen chugging it).  

But, sadly, working late means that I haven't been able to watch all the fantastic (one assumes) music vids y'all linked to in my earlier post. Nor can I reciprocate. I'll get to it this weekend, lovelies!

In the meantime, I'm bored! And apparently super spammy and needy today. But, entertain me?  Tell me a joke, a secret, two truths and lie? Play shag, marry, cliff? Send me a text? Gimme something to keep going through this mountain of paperwork and i'll give back as good as i get. <3

eta:  also, things i need, part 589583627: an icon of my boy Cols and "IL's pretend boyfriend"

eta2: things i need, part 398472873 (yes, i know it's out of order): help with a mood theme. six years in, i figure it's time to get one.

eta3: 11:04pm and i'm finally leaving my office. Walking the mile home and crashing. catch y'all on the flip side where, if you're willing, i'll definitely need more fun and games to keep me going! <3


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