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♥ People say I'm nice, sweet and cute. I like to argue with them but they insist it's true. So there you have it. I say I'm an absolute schmoop. I have no problem admitting it.

♥ I'm a fannish type of person. I started my LJ at the height of the HP fandom and immersed myself in it. HP was, and is, my only fandom however I enjoy reading a variety of fic, etc. Lies! Merlin has taken over my soul. In the space of two weeks, I mainlined s1 and s2 and was completely sucked in. Since then, I've become a rabid M/A and B/C shipper. Oh, and the part about enjoying a variety of fic isn't a lie. I am a fan of many, many things though. The following things show up in my ramblings with alarming frequency...the Red Sox, the New England Patriots, Glee, Gossip Girl (my trashy tv fix) and the words however and erm. In addition, I'm enamoured with David Tennant and his Doctor. I also have a slight obsession with floppy hair.

♥ I like, no, I love lists. Especially numbered ones. However, it is important to mention that I do not like odd numbers, except the number 5.

♥ I am obsessed with music. I love it and appreciate many, many different genres and artists. I often post music in the hopes of introducing others to new discoveries or old loves.

♥ There's plenty more to learn about me but let's leave some mystery, yeah? My mate enjoys saying I'm a complex woman. I think it's a compliment. :)

♥ I'm a fairly private person but I do like making new friends. So if you've wandered over here, please tell me how you found me. If I've friended you, it's likely because I like your writing. I'm a bit cautious about friending back automatically but I do look forward to getting to know you. Due to some recent ugliness, comments are screened. However please do comment to be added. :)
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