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♥ People say I'm nice and sweet and cute. I like to argue with them but they insist it's true. So there you have it. I say I'm an absolute schmoop. It's a bit embarrassing at times but I have no problem admitting it.

♥ Fandom! I started my LJ at the height of the HP fandom and immersed myself in it completely. For a long time HP was my only fandom but over the past couple years I've branched out a bit.  Other fandomy things I enjoy are P!atD, Dr. Who, Torchwood and Merlin.  My role in fandom is that of a voracious reader, enthusiastic squee-er and occasional reccer. I greatly enjoy beta reading but don't write fic myself. I wish I could create art but alas, i cannot. 

♥ There are many people I find attractive for a wide variety of reasons. However, with every crush I have it grows increasingly obvious that I have a definite type - at least where men are concerned. I'm completely enamoured with long, lean, floppy haired wonders (generally with an accent). Colin Morgan is my pretend boyfriend husband (Kishi insisted it was time to step up our relationship). David Tennant is standing by to step in if necessary. SpencerSmith is in a league of his own.

♥ Music is my thing. I'm not particularly hip or clever about it but damn, I love it. I appreciate many, many different genres and artists and adore discovering new music. I think Snow Patrol has written the soundtrack to my life, I believe Jamie Cullum is speaking my language, James Taylor has been my go-to guy since 1988 and Stephen Sondheim is king.

♥ I'm a proud Bostonian and, despite having lived in several glorious places, Boston is my home (go you if you got that reference!). Sports are a huge part of my life and I support my local teams with a fervent passion, I proudly cheer at Sox and Pats games on a regular basis and obsessively track results via ScoreCenter. 

♥ I am a rambler by nature (as evidenced by this "brief" summation). Why say something in five words when you can say it in fifteen?

♥ I like, no, I love lists. Especially numbered ones. However, it is important to note that I do not like odd numbers, except the number 5.

♥ I overuse (abuse?) the words however and erm, ellipses and the winky smile emoticon. Apologies in advance.

♥ There's plenty more to learn about me but let's leave some mystery, yeah? My mate enjoys telling me I'm a complex woman. I think it's a compliment. :)

♥ This journal has no friending policy...friend or de-friend at will! I'm a fairly private person but I do like making new friends. So if you've wandered over here, please tell me how you found me. If I've friended you, it's likely because I like your writing. I'm a bit cautious about friending back automatically but I do look forward to getting to know you. Due to some recent ugliness, comments are screened. However please do comment to be added. :) Also, I have a house-keeping type post and a poll about my posting filers. I'd appreciate you filling it out when you get a chance! Thanks!

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