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One of the big projects for today is to pack up all my books. Some of them are going into storage and a small select few are going with me to Prague. But the majority of them are being donated. It's kinda breaking my heart. I know I can find these books again, either in physical copies or simply for my kindle. But, well, I guess I'm pretty attached to my books. Reading was always an escape for me during my childhood and, in many ways, it still is.

In the past hour my copy of The People's History of the United States has transported me back to Sr. Nelson, who was the fiercest teacher I've ever had but also flipped my world upside down in the best possible way. My battered copy of Living with HIV brought back so very memories, some of the worst times of my life but also some of the most brilliant. That William Carlos Williams collection reminded me of a lost friend and the knowledge that you can learn from past mistakes and save a friendship on the brink. In the Complete Works of Shakespeare I found a love letter I'd tucked in there for safe-keeping; it was from a long-lost love but a lovely thing to come upon.  

And, silly as it may sound, I'm not ready to put some of these books into the donation pile. But, I can't keep them all either. So, I'd like to propose an exchange, if you'd like a book, I'd be happy to send you one. In exchange, i ask for a letter - it can be an actual letter, a postcard, a two-liner card; just something that reminds me that my books have gone to a good home. Does that sound reasonable? 
If you'd like to play, comment! I'll list some genres you can choose from and then we can discuss specifics. I'm not screening comments so I'll sort address questions out later. EVERYONE is welcome to play, as long as you don't mind giving me your address.  :) 
Genres:  history, biographies, textbooks (american history, lit. and a some education), teaching guides/resources, poetry, children's books and a bunch random novels. 

eta: one thing, if i'll be seeing you during our road trip of d00m, you'll be getting your book then.  <3
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