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So, um, hi!! Yeah, it's been 4 months since I posted. Oops?

I'm so insanely busy with work this year. I can't really even pinpoint why. Not much has changed in terms of structure, scheduling, etc as compared to last year but this year is hugely stressful. I average 60 hours a week and when I'm home, I'm just exhausted. I hate it because I miss LJ a lot and I feel so disconnected from many of you here. I don't even know who's still around these days. But, anyway, I didn't come here to whine.

Rather, I wanted to share some awesome news. [ profile] girl_in_prague and I are engaged! This is likely old news for most of you as it's already been announced on twitter and facebook but we're still deliriously happy.

It's been a difficult journey as we dealt with the legalities of it all. For quite a while, we were advised not to get married in the States as it could cause future immigration issues for us. But, as we enter an age where DOMA might actually be repealed, our family lawyer's advice has changed. It is an amazing feeling, especially right now. I live in hope that the Supreme Court will make the right decision.

As for us, words can't even begin to express how happy and excited we are. Our wedding will be this July in Boston. Yay!! So far location and general reception plans have been set. Seems to me that the biggest issue will be the dresses.  :)

Misha made this icon for us years and years ago, when we were just starting to date and figure ourselves out. I never even imagined that this would be our future but the icon is still pretty apt. Thank you so much to those of you who have been with us through the long haul and years of long-distance pining. Thank you to newer friends who don't have the slightest clue what we've been through.  And, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to those of you who have supported and fought for our right to marry.  I truly believe that full equality is getting closer and closer, friends and all our efforts make a difference.
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