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Yesterday I headed to the neighbourhood cinema to see the recording of the NY Philharmonic's staged production of Company. There are a lot of musicals that I love but Company is up there at the top of the list. I would estimate that I've seen it at least forty times. If you add in the numbers of times I've worked the show, that number easily doubles.

This was one of the most amazing productions of Company I've ever seen. The cast was utterly brilliant. The supporting line-up was full of talent; Katie Finneran, Craig Bierko and Martha Plimpton were particularly engaging. I wasn't sure what I was expecting from Stephen Colbert but he gave an understated, spot-on performance and really pulled off one of my favourite songs, Sorry-Grateful. I have to admit, I was distracted a bit by Christina Hendrick's boobs but her take on April was great. 

But Neil Patrick Harris as Bobby? Oh, he blew me away completely and made me fall in love with him a little bit. Also Patti LuPone's Ladies Who Lunch left me in tears. So very different from Elaine Stritch's now famous rendition but just as compelling. After that song, I pretty much cried through the rest of the production and then left the theatre honest to god shaking. Company tends to touch me deeply; there's a lot in the show that resonates with me. But this was...indescribable. When I left the cinema I texted Mish "oh. my. fucking. god." That's still sums it up perfectly, imo. 

I seriously considered going to NY to see the production live but the expense plus time constraints made it near impossible. My wallet thanks me but fuck, I wish I could have seen this stunning performance in person. It's going to stay with me for a long time.  


Today's song of the day is Marry Me a Little from Company. It's Rupert Young's rendition from the 2011 production at the Southwark Playhouse. Another great production with an excellent take on Bobby by Rupert. 

In other news, today is also an awesome day because it's Ms. [ profile] kaalee's birthday! Happy, happy dear heart. I hope that you have an absolutely fantastic day and that the year ahead is full of fabulous things! <3


Jan. 13th, 2011 04:13 pm
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I'm so far behind on reading and commenting on, well, everything. But, the lovely [ profile] i_claudia  has written a little bit of comment fic for me and I must bring it to your attention. 

I'm assuming most of you Merlin folk have read Check and Mate. If you haven't, go read it now. Written in the style of Patrick O'Brian, Claudia has developed a lush world where Merlin is a Navy man and Arthur, Lord Pendragon, is enamoured of him. I think most of you know that I love period pieces and this one delivers in all the best ways. It's smoking hot, full of gorgeous angst and there is such beautiful yearning. I loved every single moment of this read and am embarrassed I haven't commented on it yet. 

Even more amazing, Claudia wrote me a continuation of it here.This is just a wee comment fic but it packs a punch and has put a huge grin on my face. Then lucky [ profile] lolafeist got a comment fic, filled with delicious angst as well.  

Seriously, I can't express how lovely this 'verse is. If you haven't read it, do check it out.  Thanks, Claudia, this has been a real treat and I can only hope there's more in this 'verse one day. <3
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Dear Deion,

[ profile] reddwarfer and I would like to say welcome home. It's great having you back!


Dear [ profile] reddwarfer,




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